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15: I'm a magic user by trade.... Should I get the Wizards Tower thingie too? I saw that on the DLC.

My FSP skills are FAR improving. My next binge day? Nothing but CoD4. That's right. Was pwning HARD tonight. First game ended up with a 10 kill streak thanks to a well placed air strike and a helo. Calling in Airstrikes never gets old. <3 my M16. I do have the "Noob tube" (Scope to help turn that thing into a longer range weapon....) but I'm getting at least 9-10 kills a match. Not bad, but I see room for improvement.

Love that game, much better than Halo 3 IMHO for multiplayer and single player. Requires a high degree of precision though. Something I know Ed needs to work on a bit.

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