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The Bowcastor actually sounds very similar to JK's.

In JK the primary fire was a five shot spread (you had to charge it a bit, just tapping the button fired one shot). Secondary fire was a stronger BOUNCING shot.

So it sounds like they just switched them and made the bouncy shot an exploding shot. Hope they improve the range of the spread (range sucked in JK, it was more like a shotgun).

The Stun Baton.. hmm. Maybe they are thinking of the TUSKEN PROD that was planned for JK, but never made it.

Y'know, this is there chance to add in all the stuff that was planned for JK, but never made it into the final release:

Tusken Prod weapon

Saber Throw (we saw this in MotS of course, and Obi-Wan)

Speeder Bikes (drivable by player and enemies)

Ride Animals (Kell Dragons, enemies only?)

Kick attack, in addition to punches (we saw this in Obi-Wan)

Ground Rolls (Obi-Wan has 'em, probably see them here too; and no, not the pastry)

Unfortunately I don't have the screenshots anymore, but they released some back in the day of the Tusken Prod and Speeders.

Another thing I remember that sounded cool from JK was a sequence where Kyle was in a sewer tunnel, and an AT-ST hopped down into the tunnel and chased him.. ; )

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