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Unla Shardes System, orbit Gas Giant 1, Helix-6 construction site

*The view was specatular, the enomious structure ment to appear as a figure 8. Made from metal found a mile underneith the surface of the colonial planet. When activated the structure creates a wormwhole from both openings. One was ment outgoing from this system. One coming from the Alpha Centauri system.

Talon grined at the opertunities that would outcome of this. He sat in the rear of the shuttle craft as it steamed onward to it's destination. The HQ of the contruction efforts rested on a smaller orbital platform tethered to the central platform that connected, what would in time, be the two vast openings. Large enough to send battle cruisers through...

Talon winced as a sharp pain in his mind enteres. No. It can't be...*

Behomoth *telepathically* 'I find it quite insteresting to find you in this neck of the universe, and I thought I got away from you. Wait, wasn't you who threw me into an oblivion? Good thing I still had my support system...'

Talon *replying back* 'Quiet. It's none of your business how I'm here, or what I'm doing here. Stay out of my mind.'

Behomoth 'It's your fault in the first place. You made me, rather you made Davin. And he shared a piece of your, what was, human soul...'

Talon 'I said quiet!'

Behomoth 'Touchy. You still trying to get that back? The man in the white suit meat you again? All your power, and you're still a silly sod.'

*Talon shakes his head hard. And forces the pain away. Bastard, he thought, the excuse for invading my thoughts, only becuase we had once shared a human soul. They're both demons. Full blood. Vicious, killing monsters. And for how meny hundreds of years? Pathetic how Behomoth carries on.*

"If he's here, then how long has he been here? Does he know whats out there that I might be able to expect? No. I don't expect him to be. I'll have to arrange another meeting with my old friend..."
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