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Job Hunting!

hey just thought i'd let everyone here in on something

i'm looking for a new job! walmart has outlived its usefulness to me, i got a decent raise this summer, and now they're wanting to let the computers at home office schedule me for under 40 hours, when i just got hired on as full-time 40 hours a week a few months ago. This will not be tolerated, so this week, I am submitting several applications, asking for no less than $11 an hour. I don't have anything to lose, because i'm not quitting walmart until I actually get hired somewhere else that will pay me more-even if it is under 40 hours a week.

My first application was to Geek Squad at best buy as an in-store pc technician, also applied for the delivery driver position.

I think the second application will go to circuit city, but I need to drive there, as there is no online application.

I'm looking for a specific job this time, whereas, when I moved here, I was only getting walmart job to get my foot in the door (rent, bills, etc needed paying), now that i'm kinda settled, i can start being picky and looking for a job that has me fixing computers and techy stuff.

If that fails and i don't get a job as a pc tech by march....i'll probably call a military recruiter and see if i can get a job like it through them.

so, while i put this new thread up in Aresen, let's discuss what jobs we've been through in the course of our stay here!

I've been:

pizza hut cook, army recruit, amish furniture packer guy, listerine distribution assembly line worker, high school custodian/janitorman, photo lab specialist, and again, pizza hut cook (but i quit that job for good !)

what's everyone else been?

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