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Another (mostly) slow one at work today.

A long lunch (halfway decent Indian...) and a surprising amount of e-mail traffic for me.

Highlight of the day was recounting to a couple of co-workers the dream I had last night. The really VIOLENT dream I had last night... where one of them didn't make it,.. and I might have been gunnin' for the other.

They took it all in with surprising good humor. If someone told me the dream I related, I'd be a bit disturbed,.. at the very least.

I might just be taking a break from the FPS games for a while, though...

Got a call from my dad today that left me a little bit freaked out. He's having a pacemaker put in next week.
It's a pretty routine procedure, and the doctor says there's nothing to worry about... but still, any time they're in there messing with your ticker... and my dad's no spring chicken (78 next month...)

Hmmm... I'll try not to worry. Nothing I can do from up here anyway.

And after all: if his condition is serious enough to warrant having a pacemaker surgery, then it's probably just as, if not more risky to go without it.

Still doesn't give me much comfort, however.

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