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The TweakGuide for SWBF2 is short because it's pretty much the same as SWBF1 for tweaking and fixing issues... so it refers you to the SWBF1 guide. You'll find some answers for SWBF2 problems in the SWBF1 guide..

Do you have the CD version or the DVD version? I know it's a pain... but if you installed the wrong patch originally (which it sounds like you may have done and you can't patch over the wrong patch)... you should uninstall SWBF2... then navigate to C:Program Files\Lucas Arts\Star Wars Battlefont II and delete the Star Wars Battlefront II folder (because uninstallation doesn't delete everything). Then re-install SWBF2 and then install the right patch.. the international version for DVD or CD, depending on your game version.

Hope some of this helps...

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