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Originally Posted by Redwing
EDIT: Erk, sorry Scar, I'll get to Tatooine ASAP
((damn, almost 4 mounts and counting. I wonder what it means when you say i'll do it eventually...

btw: you all suck. :P
i've desided that I need to break reality, cus why? it sucks.
Kyle: post again.))

Tatoonie: Basement Lounge

*Behomoth rubs his temples, the strain causes a little irritation for himself as well. But it surprised him that Talon would find his way out here in this universe. Where ever it was he was lurking. Apparently controlling an empire on Earth and the Solar System wasn't good enough.

Behomoth wondered if Talon ran into that man in the white suit again.*

behind behomoth "Tell me there demon? Looks of you, you needs some medicine..." *refering to the apparent headache

Behomoth "Sung'chi, can it. Don't you have something better to do? What's the news on more contracts. My wallet hasn't been getting enough attention as of late."

Sung'chi "Was about to head down myself. But I wasn't going to go down and tell you about it. You seemed not interested as of late. You are an assasin aren't you?"

Behomoth "Well since I did that mission with the military-man, and got a little bit of a licking from that, what do they call em, Jedi... I haven't had the need to go into the inner sector." He stands up from his seat and heads to the elevator to the lower level.

"There better be some decent work..."

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