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Somewhat busy day at work. A bit surprising, actually.

Ate some takeout, and fell asleep almost as soon as I got home. (Slept kinda crappy again last night. I was pretty much awake since 2:30 am...)

Now I'm up again. This does not bode well... but I'm going to try to get back ASAP.

It's too bad I was such waste product too: I was asked to go see that new Cloverfield movie by a co-worker last night, but very unfortunately there was no way I could do it.

Not only was I beyond exhausted... but I was already home when I saw the invite in my email for a showing that started just about an hour from then. It would have taken me at least a hour to turn around and get back to the cinema in Boston where they were going, pretty much guaranteeing that I would have missed the beginning of the film, and probably never found them in the theater anyway.

Too bad.

But my friend said that if it's good, perhaps seeing it with a bigger group of people that couldn't all make it tonight again sometime this weekend. Maybe I can manage to weasel my way in on that...

And after I said I wasn't going to allow myself to refuse any social invite I received this year.
(And this particular invite was from an apparently single, particularly attractive female co-worker at that...)


Oh well...

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