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You don't need the patch if the version you have on DVD is 1.1. Earlier releases of the game were 1.0 and even then the game should run fine in 1.0.

Are you using a graphics card or onboard intergrated graphics from the mobo? There is a problem with the game running without a TnL adaptor. I assume most graphics cards nowadays have them... but even SWBF1 won't run unless you have a TnL adaptor. Although, anytime I've had this problem I got an alert as soon as the game started to run. Also make sure you've updated your graphic drivers for the card or mobo.

Make sure in your Video options you have Vsinc on. This stops the game from displaying a framerate greater than your monitor is capable of. LCD monitors usually can't go beyond 75hz. If you have your graphics turned all the way up and Vsinc off.. it may display the graphics higher than your monitor can support and the screen will black out. I would also try lowering your graphic settings if you think it may be related.

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