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was up til about 3:20 am playing CoD4. think tonight i'll be on oblivion.

i've a feeling i'm not going to be here by this time next year. my sis keeps not coming home from her boyfriend's house. i have a few options....i could find someone to share the rent w/me (not gonna happen as i don't trust anyone else that much, i know someone that would want to, but he's on his last year of highschool and i definitely don't trust him that much), i could move back in with my parents (yuck.....but on the bright side, cheap!), or i could go into the military, but if i wanted out, i'd be stuck in the same exact situation. and then again, i could try getting a wife and split rent and bills with her. (damn that sounded cold didn't it, well i don't give a ****)

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