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I've been playing Oblivion. I'm glad I got back into playing it. The battles are so crazy, especially the random ones. It has the fast-travel thing, unlike Morrowind, but i don't use it too much, like when I have to go to the other side of Cyrodil, sure it's about a 15-20 minute walk, but I've been doing side-quests along the way, i cleared out this cave of necromancers with skeleton warriors, wraiths, and zombies. the necromancers themselves were rather easy though! Definitely one of my favorite games.

Work today was slow...I got mad though, immediately after my lunch break, i walk into the lab and am asked by 2 managers to go run a register....this catches me off guard, because it wasn't THAT busy up there when i came in. I was like 'fine i'll ****in do it' since 2 people were on their way home, and one to lunch. so i go up there and it's not busy at all. so i milked it for 2 hours. i dunno what the reasoning for 2 managers at a time asking was all about, and they're not supposed to ask specialty service departments to run it. hell, i don't see automotive people being pulled out there, nor do i see pharmacy people and vision center people out there. i wasn't an ass this time though, i just left my light on til i had like 3-4 customers, then i shut it off til they were gone, turned it back on, and just did that for about 2 hours. i guess that's the extent of my excitement working at walmart.

looks like it's snowing out, at least from the firefox forecast for my area. interesting.

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