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"Come, we must keep moving, men."

And women....Kaleah thought silently. The silence was killing her but she continued to follow quietly in line. From her view in the middle of the march she could see only the top of their commander's body. She wondered when he would call the next halt. She hope it would be for a rest. Her gaze turned back to her surroundings and she scolded herself for be distracted.
She moved her hand to the hilt of the sword and firmly rested it there.

Then a rustling in the brush near the group made a few of the men stop and unsheathe their blades. She followed suit, but kept moving with the line. When a rabbit burst from the grass the soldiers seemed to let out a breathe they had been keeping in. They replaced her swords in their sheathes and she wondered if anyone could blame them for their jumpy tendencies. They're mission was of great importance and failure would probably mean the failure of all. For if this group, let by the greatest knight of all the realm, could not bring back its prize, then who could?

She shook the distractions away once again and tried to keep pace.
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