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Originally Posted by mimartin
Either way if the Dev donít take all of our choices into consideration and force some standardized Revan or Exile down our throats they are betraying the game players that purchase their product.
i'm sorry, but not only is that complete rubbish, but it's unnecessarily restrictive to any future creators of a kotor game. having to go through pointless exposition on the sex and alignment of one character - and the permutations that came from it later in the story - in TSL was tolerable, but doing it for two characters, and the combinations that represents... ugh. no thanks. you're basucally asking the writers to factor in 16 different combinations and all the extra dialogue/events/sequences that causes to address what is in reality almost a triviality on one hand (the sex of the characters), and a game defining element on the other (their alignments).

it's just far too much hassle and really not worth it.

you might not like it, but LA have canonised Revan as a LS male, and the exile as a LS female. deal with it.
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