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actually I think being able to select the lightsaber is kinda cool... it was one of my favorite things to do after I'd finished JKII--use cheat codes at the beginning and whip out the saber and force lightning and kick some trooper @#$#@ on those early levels. the same time I do hope you're able to get that bug fixed in DF so it goes to fists instead of the saber.
another bit of weapon weirdness--there's nowhere to pick it up in the sewers level or the Fest level that I've seen, but I noticed that all of a sudden in the Fest level you have the Fusion cutter thingy. Was this the case in the original DF? not a big deal, just curious.
I've noticed too, and I don't know if this qualifies as a "bug" or not--the AI seems to be much better in the first 3 levels than in the last 3. Dunno why that is, maybe it's just me, but my health/shields get docked noticeably more in those first three levels. (all 6 are still a blast though!)
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