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Shadows of the Empire Mod Modeling

**First off I want to apologize if this is an inappropriate forum for recruitment posts. I don't mean to spam here.**

The Shadows of the Empire Mod is looking for more people who might be interested in helping out. In particular we are looking for people in the following roles:
  • 3D Modeling
    • Character modeling: - Creation of humanoid and non-humanoid game characters.
    • Static object modeling: - This is for objects like health packs, armor plating, ammunition, tables, chairs, etc....
    • Vehicle/mechanical modeling: - This is for things like vehicles, weapons, and other mechanical things.

      Recommended Software: 3D Studio Max (version 5 and newer), Maya, Gmax, Blender, Milkshape 3D, Softimage|XSI, an dXSI Mod Tools 6.
      Software Provided?: No. Any of the open source/freeware programs may be downloaded from the Internet.
      Experience level desired: Intermediate to expert preferred. Should be comfortable with entire model creation process (or ability to learn). Models containing animations must be skinned and weighted to their underlying skeletal rigs, bones, or dummies.
      Other information: All models will need to be exported/converted into the game's model format. Humanoid models must use the Jedi Academy skeleton (created from the released Raven Software Jedi Outcast skeleton) available at The recommended vertice limit for model objects is 500 vertices per object and a model can be made up of an unlimited number of objects but total polygon count should not exceed 4000 polys for acceptable frame rate. The maximum game engine limit is 1000 vertices per object (though not recommended in order to avoid frame loss). Ability to create LODs (Level-of-Detail) of a detailed model can recover frame loss.
If anyone is interested in learning more, please stop by our website message board.


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