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2 years later i have a new question!!..and i have even moved 1 stepp forward seens this thread start question , i have found both stones now and i have inserted them into the pedestal in the right order, im stuck on when pressing "use pedestal" my brain can't realize wich phrases it is in chapter "at the Greater colony" in platos dialoge thath will help me to see in what order i shall align the signs in the pedestal and press the spindle
atleast my english is not skilled enough to see thath hidden message
so instead i do as i allways do..and us a internet walktrough!

"position the rising sun and the new moon by the horns at the top and press the spindle" thath i have done exactley and Indy says "thath didnt do anything", to bad i read in another walktrough thath this order is random from game to how shall i know whats it is in my case! (its like the developer expected thath you would understand the story 100% and why you do things in this game )
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