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ive found very sketchy detail on Saber defense, from what i hear it increases your Bold deflection rate and cheaper to block attack from behind. ?? this is a bit strange cause isnt that what Serosu is for?? and dosent having this Saber defense make light saber styles like Makashi stronger?? as we all know Makashi and Niman have trouble against bolt deflection,,, so it really dosent make sense to have a saber defense...

i suggested to remove light saber defense and make it so all styles have 3 levels. and get their own perks instead...

so in this way we dont have makashi users and Niman users that are incredible good at bolt deflection.. and at the same time their is greater difference between light saber styles. This was my idea along with i think Darth die. Is this idea been thought through? and is their any plans on implementing it?

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