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Red leaned against the railing of the walkway next to the saloon, looking at the main street of the city with a smirk. His horse was drinking like it hadn't been allowed any water for weeks and no doubt it had been several days since the last proper break from riding. The Marshal stepped off the walkway and untied the reins before jumping on his trusty old Appaloosa as well as pulling from the reins in order to turn the horse around. By that time some of the saloon patrons were coming back while the nearby brothel had it's windows filled with women trying to see who had the nerve to shoot the sheriff.

As the gunslinger made his way down the street more or less to find the deputy and Caleb, who had in the end saved him from certain death, he passed a wagon coming into town and heading for the general store. Two cowboys sat in front and a young seventeen year old girl sat in the back in her finest. By the looks of it the wagon belonged to one of the ranchers and to the young woman in the back it was an event to get into town, even if it were a sleazy town like Laramie. As the wagon passed, the girl stared at the rugged and dirty rider who in turn stared back, smiled and tilted his hat in a greeting. This caused the girl to smile, slightly blush and turn her eyes away from him. Red had no interest in finding relationships in the town, but for his mission it might be useful to have connections to the ranchers in any way possible.

The hooves stomped the dirt road as Red Dalton made his way down the street. He had been on Caleb's tail before and knew his preferred hiding places. No doubt a sleazy hotel could do for him, but when in serious trouble the man could go anywhere he could find. The horse turned a corner and into a back alley, heading behind some of the businesses and then heading slowly along the alley. The gunslinger drew his other revolver while keeping an eye out for the roofs as well as any nooks where Caleb might fit into.

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