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Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer

[A young Aasimar Paladin lies upon a bed of stone, encircled by runes.]

Oh, sweet me! The pain is--so strong, so intense that I think I might die. I wish I could die. That might be against your tenets, Master, but I don't know how long I can bear this. Where am I, and what's wrong with me? The shard--aaaaaggghh! It's not there! It can't be!

Let's...go over the basics. Name? Tysyacha Vtoraya, age 30. Occupation? Loyal Paladin of Kelemvor, of course. The last thing that I remember, the King of Shadows was--dead?--and all my companions had helped me fight him. Neeshka, Qara, Khelgar--nnngghh--where are they now? Tons of rock were crashing down upon us, and I!...could they be in your realm?

The shard. Where's the shard? There's this big hole in my chest, huge, like a gaping wound yet something more than that. It's simply gone...*pants heavily*...Whoever did this, I'll send them straight to you and your judgment!

I'd better try to rest, as much as I can. this twisting inside me, this presence, like I had a live tiger trapped inside my chest? I'm so hungry. Not for food, but something else...dear Kelemvor, won't you do something? Pomogai mne! Help me, before it's too late and I really do see you soon!

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