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Started off the morning with CoD4, trying to beat this one's freakin hard where it checkpointed me, it has me reload my sniper rifle every single time i i restarted it all over. got through it fast, but stuck on another area, but this time i'm checkpointed at a decent spot where i can just hide in a corner and wait out the chopper...only prob is, i have to wait about 5 minutes for it to land, then i have to fight my way through....damn grenades get me every time, but this time i've got the RPD instead of the lousy pistol, so it's much more tolerable respawning.

went out bowling today. first game sucked, got like an 88. second game i improved alot...137. just got back from a restaurant, i had a pork bbq wrap. i'm so full now..

My sister asked me last night what i wanted for my birthday, so i was like 'hmm...get me gears of war' so i'm not sure if she got me that or not. we'll see in an hour or so. not that i really care if she gets it for me or not...Turok is out in 2 weeks anyway! if i do get it...that's just one more FPS for me to play online. the more the merrier.

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