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That reminds me, hopefully in the future we can add level 2 and 3 for certain styles that won't touch their perks, but simply open up its features; level 1 gets you parry, attack and fake, level 2 gets you riposte, level 3 gets you that style's power attack. That way you can't just buy every style if you want to be good at it, you'll need to fill it up for it to be useful.
We can even create something like "tech tree". In the top there would be for example name shii-cho. Next 3 skills would be defense 1 ofense 1 and something special for every style like deflecting for soresu, attack speed for ataru or damage for djem-so. If you wanted to buy special, you would have to have offense 2 and defense 2. It would need some work but it would be amazing to play with it.
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