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New P.A. was shipped to our hall today.

Couldn't resist breaking into the cardboard boxes and looking at (and playing with...) all the new toys.

New monitor wedges sound AMAZING! And get SCARY LOUD too! Yikes!

The rest of the P.A. components are equally as bitchin'... but those monitors are the proverbial ****!

Went after work with a co-worker from another department to look at the new space her church is setting up in, and make some recommendations about what they should do with sound gear and other tech equipment.

Hope I was some help.

The guys who were there working getting the place ready (incl. the pastor) were pretty cool. Somehow, I started talking XBox with the pastor, and he told me to friend him on Live, to do some Halo 3 head-to-head with him and his kids.

Heh... awesome!

Riggers are in tomorrow @ 9 to drop the old speakers and hang the new ones.

Off to bed. Don't want to miss out on that madness!

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