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work was boring today. i got to help out electronics though. oh and i had a weird camera was the same make, but not the same model...and the serial numbers didn't match the box. fun.

Got through Kvatch on Oblivion. Levelled up a bit on blade, acrobatics, and destruction. those daedroth are getting easier to kill...there's these annoying spiders that were giving me a hard time though....i'm a level 21...i probably levelled enough in my skills to bring me to level 25 or higher...but i refuse, at least til i NEED to level.

My sis didn't get me anything for my bday. o well. I'll just wait for GoW to drop to $30 to buy it. lol

tomorrow i workin 12-9.....thursday i'm off, so i'm going w/my mom into town cause her vehicle needs the turn signals checked.

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