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Originally Posted by DeathKnight23
BF3 will have competition thats for sure, but as you said if we have blind faith then hopefully they'll make us a blinding game that no-one whose a shooting genre fan can ignore let alone SW fans.
The more competition they have, the better they need to make this game.
What maybe is new but i read it in an article about games is that they must improve off course from 32 to 64 players but maybe they can make such a good AI for the units controlled by the computer that they will join the battle too on both sides without being controlled manually off course, for example that the total number of units on the battlefield is 80 and the same would be especially cool when you got an spacebattle.

Better jedi fights, optionally backgroundmusic you prefer, different colors for the clones at each different planet and most of all beter graphics and details and this game may be one of the best games of its genre for when it comes out.

My expectations are huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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