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Originally Posted by razorace
I don't really buy the whole "not good at bolt deflection" stuff.

Bolt deflection would have to be the primary useage of lightsabers. Sort of saying that a sniper isn't very good at aiming.
.... you don't buy it??

Some lightsaber styles are good at certain things and are worse at other things. Makashi bolt deflection is was the draw back of the style..

Despite its effectiveness, Makashi was not without its weaknesses. Among the first of these was the fact that it was somewhat harder to block against blaster fire with this style. Makashi was developed before blasters had become common place in the galaxy, and Form II training taught its practitioners to defend solely against blades.

There was little lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat involved in a Jedi's life, so Jedi Masters found such forms as Makashi impractical. Although many Jedi historians considered Form II to be the ultimate refinement in lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat, it was dropped in favor of Form III combat when blaster weapons became prevalent in the galaxy.

After the clone wars the makashi style died with Count dooku..

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