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I don't know, think it needs some texture on the left, seems so empty and out of context with just Manny and Glottis sitting there. Try orienting the lighting to be in sync with the lighting on Manny and Glottis, the whitish areas appears to be generated by a lamp out of frame to the right of the picture.

Looks good! though I'd like to see a cover that includes your crazy avatar, it'd probably suit the Bonewagon track the best.

For me, descending to most favorite:

happy, uppidy songs:
Hi-Tone Fandango
Neon Lodge

mellow songs:
Manny's Office
Mr. Frustration Man

sad song and all time personal favorite:
Blue Hector

And after hearing Frenkieee talk about On The Roof has got my curiosity peaked to hear the game rip soundtrack now.
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