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Name: Cortanak Sylux
Gender: Male
Race: Ubese/Madalorian
Appearance: Blonde Hair, tiny bit buff, young face, about 21 years of age
Home Planet: Telos
Starship: Imperial Gunship
Affiliation: Dark Side, Jaden Korr
History: He was born on Telos and found some Cannoks on the surface. He was a special child and he figured out a way to get the Cannoks to obey him.
Corta has made the Cannoks do whatever he wants through Force Beast Trick
He has lived his life with his Dad and Sister. They have all learned to make the beasts go under their control. HIs mother was killed when a Restoration Team from Czerka quarintined the area that the mother was in while the rest of the family was out hunting. The quarintined area was bombed and cleaned out due to "supposed contamination." Cortanak set out with his Sister to kill that team with Cannoks. When they found the team on citadel station, they imported the Cannoks into a Hangar and ganged up on them, throwing them off of the Station, and they were killed due to lack of oxygen and atmospheric pressure crushing them. Next, they decided to take a shuttle of Cannoks and took their Dad with them to the remnants of Taris. They let loose Cannoks on Taris and imported more and more and more and more until one 30th of Taris was being restored to a Jungle-ish state. They are now still on Telos, finding a Hologram of the Sceptar, while Jaden held it.
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