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Someone's Worse Nightmare
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Most people who live and visit in London know all the Major Land marks be it Nelsons column, the London eye or Buckingham Palace. Few however know of catacombs that exist underneath the city, beneath the underground rail network where things that nightmares are made dwell. The catacombs were dark, damp and Eerily quiet even though it was teeming with monsters.

Few would enter these for any reason, but sometimes people need to come here, people like the staff of Third Eye Investigations. They had come here to retrieve the Ring of Omara that they were employed to locate for a collector of Rare and Magical Items. After a few days of research they were pleased to find that it was in the London area, they were not pleased when they discovered they had to enter the catacombs. However for some reason cases were few and far between, so they took what jobs they could, the office Rent would not pay itself after all.

The ring they were after had a complication beyond it being in the catacombs, the Omara Guardian protected the ring. The Guardian was a Dark, Demonic in nature and whose sole purpose was to protect the ring from anyone who wished for it. The demon was large seven foot high with four bulky muscular arms on a slimy humanoid torso. The under side of it’s body was arachnid in nature with six stick thin legs. It’s face was human, but scared with shining red eyes, two ram horns protruded the top of his head.

Dania and Peter were tasked with distracting the Guardian while Kate was to cast a spell they found in their library that would create a weapon to actually kill the demon. Meanwhile James and Claude/Eddy would attempt to sneak to place where the Ring of Omara was hidden.

James was in what could only be described as a treasure trove of Jewellery, as it turns out the Guardian seemed to protect more than one ring… a lot more.

“What the hell does something that Ugly need with all this?” James complained as he sorted threw a jewellery box full of Rings.
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