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Originally Posted by Keyan Farlander
You should come to my church and do that, because our sound system is the biggest piece of **** on earth...or even hell.
Huh. Make us an offer on our old speaker system.


It's completely depreciated in the eyes of the college; so they have told us that ANYTHING we get for it is actually a capital gain.

Nobody else seems to want it.

My boss is actually talking about selling this church I went to the other night a couple of the PA boxes, all the power amps necessary to drive them, one of our old 24-channel Mackie mixers, and whatever random processing units we have lying around for whatever they offer us.

The biggest problem with the old speakers is that they are 5 feet tall, and weigh more than a Mini Cooper.

But they still kick ass. As long as you don't need to move them around, they are still an amazing speaker system.

It's just that our new ones are even better! But you cant have those.

A single old speaker cabinet...

Vs. the entire new PA:

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