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Originally Posted by grangana
For me, this story about lightsaber is not really a problem. Player must cheat if he want this weapon or force powers... ok... i don't see the problem, if they want to cheat, well, they cheat, it's their problem, and not a bug of the mod. Others things are more important to fix, like missing textures or elevator bug. Don't spend your time with cheaters.
that's actually the problem--in this mod all you have to do to get the saber is press 1. It should go to fists but it's going to the saber instead. It doesn't bother me that much, really, and in all honesty I only bring out cheats after I've played games all the way through at least a couple times. I don't even remember the cheats for this game, so everything I've posted about hasn't involved that aspect...
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