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Really should have stuck to hunting Vampires.

The monster reeked. At least bloodsuckers had the courtesy to bathe. Not to mention die. His Jericho roared in his hand three times, blowing three holes in the monster. Which, aside from pissing it off and wasting perfectly good bullets, didn't do much. It penetrated, sure, but the holes closed up in all of five seconds.

Then it punched him. He found himself gliding through the air, surprisingly graceful until he hit and slid across the floor with a pronounced, and very annoying, squeal. The monster scuttled towards him, raising a leg to finish him.

A clatter caught his attention, his Jericho sliding across the floor towards him. He grabbed it and brought it up, blowing off the spidery leg and rolling out from under it. The monster did a brief dance as it attempted to remain upright, then the severed leg regenerated. As usual. He knew he should have brought his shotgun. At least he's not smart.

He spun, putting a bullet into the creature's eye. It squealed, reaching back. That'd buy him a little time to get off it's radar. He dove behind a stone pillar and waited as it regenerated. Three bullets left in his clip, if it went for Kate he'd have to make them count.

Come on, Kate, quickly...
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