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The monster bounded down a corridor, and he slid out of his cover for a moment and took a breath.

Then it came barreling back at him. He took a step back, bumped into a wall, and gulped. Then it wailed in agony and the Werewolf dropped out of the sky. He moved to the side.

"Not really. Getting punched in the face by Spider-Man here ruins my day." He ducked as it swung at him again, taking out a chunk of the wall. He jerked out his dagger and slashed it, taking a finger off. Aside from a 'light' spasm-punch from it's hand that flung him to the ground, it didn't accomplish much. He could already see the finger growing back.

"Silver doesn't work, either. Kate, how much longer on that spell!" He rolled to his feet, his Jericho dropping into his hand. He put one shot into the critter's abdomen, causing a fresh fountain of spidery-fluid. He choked down his gorge and kept running.
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