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Kate lit the last candle and dropped the lighter on the ground. She felt the spell's power begin to emanate around the sword in the middle of now dimly lit spell circle. The demon must have felt the power at once because it let out a high pitch roar and fixed it's attention on to her.

She quickly removed the pocket knife from her jeans. As she flicked the blade open she began to recite the spell words she memorized back at the office. The beast began to close in on her. Her eyes started to fill with a black light and her words became melodic and alien. Then as the last incantation left her lips she sliced the blade into her right palm, letting her blood fall on the once mundane steel sword before her. The blade began to shine and turned a metallic crimson.

She moved to pick it up from the circle, but the beast was on her before she had the chance. The demon swung it's massive leg and struck her across her face. She flew back landing on her backside. Kate couldn't focus her eyes well with the force of the spell and the creature's blow both working against her. She gazed up at the blurry demon that towered over her.

"It's done! Get the sword!" She shouted to Peter just as the demon hit her again.
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