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"Bugger." He shot the creature in the back, desperately trying to get it's attention, then scooped up the sword. He fumbled for a moment as the creature turned. "You're meat now." It charged him, waving it's four arms like a windmill. He ducked under the first swing, wincing as it clipped his skull, then brought the blade around in an arc, cutting a leg off. The creature did it's frenzied dance again, then lost it's balance after a left-handed shot from his Jericho punched through it's belly, dropping it onto it's spidery-abdomen. He moved forward to finish the job.

Oops. The creature wasn't done yet. One fist shot up, catching the blade, another striking him in the shoulder. Something popped and he was suddenly several feet away, the sword - along with one of the monster's legs and three of it's fingers, and his Jericho, discarded on the ground several feet away. He tried to push himself to his feet, but his right arm wasn't moving properly. Bastard dislocated it.

"Dania, get the sword!" He was bad enough with blades with his right hand anyway. He grabbed a stake from his jacket and flung it with all his might, trying to keep the monster preoccupied with him. The wooden shaft pierced it's belly, spilling the spidery crap all over the floor. It grabbed it and jerked it out, more or less unphased, but he had gotten it's attention. He drew his dagger and got ready.
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