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Kotor: The Jedi Rebirth (RP Forum)


After the Exile defeated the sith the Jedi has been rebuilding. The Dantooine Academy was left to ruins as the temple on Coruscant is the only Jedi refuge. The Jedi has been growing from almost extinction.

The Sith have also been making a comeback and their refuge is on the planet of Handooine. The sith army central is on Jabiim. They both rebuild their places in the galaxy.

The republic and sith armada fight in a small war, and the Jedi and sith meet in unexpected places. They fight for control of the galaxy. And the galaxy is once again corrupt...

A small ship called the Ebon Hawk Mark IV zooms to the planet of Coruscant with it's crew of, Jan-Sal and James Ulgo. It landed on the landing pad on the planet.

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