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Question Star Wars EPISODE III Game questions

Hey guys,

I didn't know where else to post this stuff, so I post it here and hope for replies. I have some questions regarding Episode III The Game. I have it on Xbox and have discovered ALL secrets and got ALL things.

But, the thing is, once Anakin turns to the Dark Side, he can use Force Lightning. I upgraded Force Lightning to Level 3 (Max), and rarely, I can see him chain the lightning! I have NO idea how this happens. It has been one YEAR since I seen him do that. Anyone knows how I chain the lightning so it affects others nearby?

Also - I have difficulty doing a critical hit from a far. (The one you Force Grasp your opponent from afar, and press the Critical Hit button. In Anakin's case, he Force Pulls the opponent towards him and impales him from the back.) Anyone can help me with tips on this one?

Any help would be appriciated! XD
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