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Woken by the roars of barbarians, time appeared to freeze for a moment. Instinct made Nish look for someone to tandem with, but his top choices, Aeron and Curudir where in whirling death mode, and their meatshieldnes where outweighted by the chance of them removing his limbs. And with Thanar and Kadis too far off that left Algren and Kaleah.

One look at Algren provided Nish with the only good news so far. Unarmed and desperate, it seemed like the barbarians would remove the competiton from his part of the market. Ironicaly this meant that after avoiding contact with the priesthood for the entire trip, his life would depend on a priestess.

A sarcastic grinn apeared on his face. With blue-ish blades, a tune on his lips, and a voice that could ruin milk, he danced the only dance he knew towards Kaleah.

Checking out seems not to do much.

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