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just then... Algren realized his quiver was lying right beside him, he rapidly took an arrow with his left hand and at the same time, he grabed the dagger still buried in the barbarian thigh with his free hand and made a twist to the right. An instant roar came from the barbarian lips and his offensive movement stopped, but Algren didn't. With a quick body turn to the left he pulled the dagger from the barbarians thigh while standing up. While still turning he came face to face with the barbarian, "this is it" he thought. He buried the arrow on his left hand into the barbarians neck, and finishing the turn his dagger found its way to the barbarians heart. He then kicked the barbarian on the chest while pulling his dagger out of the motionless body. The barbarian was lying at his feet... dead, he contemplated the body for a split second, "My first kill as an Arayan guard" he thought. But it was not time for thinking, it was time for action. He grabbed his sword which was lying on the ground a few feet away, when he saw him... A two meter tall pure muscle barbarian, no doubt the leader, was not far from lord Aeron. The brute let out a terrifying roar and what seemed like 30 barbarians appeared threw the shadows behind him. They were undoubtely outnumbered...

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