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No sooner had she closed them when she opened her eyes to meet the gaze of a towering barbarian bruit with a club raised over head. Kaleah was thankful she had slept in her gear just then. Time appeared to slow as she palmed the dirt and kicked her legs off the ground to gather enough momentum to bring her legs over her head. She twisted on one of her arms, which were now supporting her entire body's weight, just in time to turn and see her attacker's club hit the pack in which her head had just been resting. Time then returned to its normal state and she fell off her hands landing on her backside.

The barbarians eyes bulged as his target nimbly moved out of his club's bath. He chuckled as he watched Kaleah rise from the dirt and unsheathe a long sword. She gazed back without flinching. She was glad to hear the laughter, for she had heard it several times before in similar circumstances. That's right... I'm just a threat to you... Then time slowed once again...

He stopped giggling and moved towards her. He swung his enormous weapon with his truck sized arms down on her with envious force. Kaleah side stepped, spinning towards him rather than away. As she spun her blade struck his massive belly. The poor bruit fell face forward on to his own arms and club. She raised her sword with both hands and thrust it into his neck severing the spine.

As she removed it from the barbarian's back, the length of it now covered in crimson, the footsteps of another raider caused her to turn and barely meet the blade of his axe with her sword. She had moved just in time and her sword met the axe at the point were the head met handle. She forced the blade from his hand, but she was not paying attention to his other. He raised a second axe from his left side. It sped with incredible speed towards Kaleah's gut.

Her eyes stayed focused as she dropped to her knees and bent towards the ground letting the axe swing over, missing the top of her forehead. Just as the blade missed its target, she swung her own sword and took the raider's legs out from under him.

She stood only to meet two more barbarians. After what they had just witnessed, they both hesitated to make the first move. They would not be careless. Kaleah stood with her blade at full length pointed at the two. Feeling a little confident she charged first and met to the left with her blade and kicked the other one in the stomach. He fell back and didn't rise just then. He watched as Kaleah's fluid movements mesmerized him. He stood after composing himself and moved to help his comrade.

She met them both then, the sound of her quick breathes silenced by the loud clanks of weapon meeting weapon. Then she felt herself beginning to tire under the relentless attacks of the two barbarians. But her will went farther than theirs, at least she prayed that it did as the fight continued.
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