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Same here. I did a full reinstall of JK3 and then got the version of OJP you posted last night. As Quijohn said, the main menu has no video now, also the loading/connect screen shows up as the default JK3 loading one with two people saber fighting. Also as Quijohn said the styles do show up as "Dual" and "Staff" however I never really used either of those often enough to see if they did that before.

I've never had the saber problem myself probably something to do with how some older videocards do/don't display the different channels in the saber shaft image as png or jpeg.

FYI I opened the enhancedstuff.pk3 and the menu stuff is in a folder called "New Folder" I took the splash/loading screen out and put it in the main directory of the pk3 and that worked, however I don't know how the main menu videos work so i was not able to fix that.

Will post more if I find anything else.
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