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9 to 6? 8 hours with an hour lunch break. i wish i had that.
12 hrs coupled with a 15min lunch. then sleep for 4 or 5.
sry 15, but i cant simpathise on people who complain on how good they got. i work 12hrs everyday, and if im not lucky, which happens alot, i get to stay up even longer.

now multiply that times 320.
multiply that by 55

then go back, and multiply the oringal by some 250
multiply that by some i donno 30

go back, and multiply that by 3 or 4 thousand
multiply that times at least another 20.

after all that, add it all together, and maybe you'll have about close to the amount of the surface personel that the USN gots.
of course that's not near or accurate, but you get the idea.

so quiet you. *shakes fist*

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