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Like in counter-strike, when you are shooting an opponent, they start to stagger and cant run away at full speed. This HAS to be put in JKO!

The visible damage on enemies after you scorch them with a blaster, or slash them with a saber should be seen, and obviously limbs can come off after slashing with sabers (which will be in the game yay!)

What do you ppl think of headshots? 1 shot kills? As long as it doesnt detract from the fun too much. Some headshots in counter-strike are...very questionable, to the point of anger.

Also, is there any chance we're gonna see cloaks/moving cloth? Like Sith lords or Jedi in there cloaks, and it moves like realstic cloth. Max Payne had that coat that would wave around when he ran, Nocturne had a little more complex cloth movement, which drained even the best computers at the time. It would be great to fight a sith lord in his black cloak, hood over the face and all. Similar to Darth Maul on Tatooine.

Oh yeah, and there has to be Sith statues (from MOTS) as bad guys in one of the levels!!

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