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Question about the background in some scenes

Hello to all,
I just finished JK II Outcast for the first time took a long time on the play through and really really enjoyed it, took hundreds of screenies and lots of notes and had a blast. It is a wonderful really well made game in all ways.

I have one question, in some scenes i had a pale yellow background in the sky, where it seemed there maybe should have been a background of stars or sky, esp in the one mini game in the last part of the game where you are on board the Doom Giver, and you are shooting down at the Tie fighers passing by, it cerrtainly seems there should have been a deep space background. Is this a bug in my CD of the game, or is this the default background for the action scenes. It was the same sky in the Artus mine too, and other outside settings, i just wondered. thanks for any info on this, and if it is a bug, can i fix it by putting in a file or two? thanks.

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