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Originally Posted by Talyn82
My favorites are Canderous, Mandalore the Indomitable, and Mandalore the Ultimate. As for Boba, he's overrated he got killed by a blind guy. Any of the Mandalorians I mentioned would own him.

Also is Boba Fett considered a true Mandalorian? After all he's just a clone of his father who was a true Mandalorian.
Well, Boba was technically an exact duplicate (genetically) of Jango, so in my book that makes Boba a 'true mandolorian' to me. Boba Fett actually didn't die, you should read up about it on Wookiepedia, I would give you a link, but wookiepedia isn't working for me at the moment...
Well, my favorite Mandolorians would have to be Boba, Jango, and Canderous Ordo. My favorite Mandalores would have to be Boba and Canderous, just because Boba is a classic, and Canderous really, in my eyes, captures what it is really supposed to be like to be a Mandolorian. IMO, of course.

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