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Not your most reliable source.

Anyways in the game, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, featuring Jango, it tells you nearly everything on your question, thus if you want info I must put it in a spoiler box. What I am about to say is generally the game in a nutshell. :/
Generally to answer your question, Jango Fett was hired by Count Dooku, during a hunt to find the leader of the Bando Gora, Kamari Vosa (sorry if that is incorrect spelling). You track Vosa down to a moon of Bogden, were you meet and, well, er, somewhat kill her. Dooku 'makes a proposition' to you (Jango) and you (Jango) ask for an unaltered clone for yourself. The deal is done. This basically says that, since you agreed to Dooku, who works for Sidious, who happens to be the Emperor, that the clones are ultimately his. Whew, hope that answers your question.

BTW--Star Wars: Bounty Hunter is a pretty fun game.

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