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James continued to look around the room of treasure looking for a single ring, he must have already discarded a thousand other rings in the search for Omara. He took a step back from the pile of different jewellery he was currently looking through and turned his head slightly to a jewel-encrusted altar.

James Walked over to the alter and looked on top of it to find yet more jewels, coins and other treasure. However one item took his eye a ring with a red stone in its centre. Picking it up he also reached in to his pocket and took out a small piece of paper with a sketch of the Ring of Omara on it. He compared the Ring in his hand to the sketch, it was a match, he had finally found the ring.

“Claude, I got…” James began to inform when the ground shaking nearby interrupted him.

The ground opened up in a small isolated spot and from the hole something began to emerge, it was the shape and size of a human but with the head of piranha and scaly skin. Without and hesitation James pulled out his revolver and fired three shots at the new demonic creature. The bullets each impacted the creature but bounced of it’s armoured scale.

“Claude run!” James order and the two men ran out of the room where they came in. The two ran as fast as they could and soon found themselves running into the cave where their collegues where standing around other the dead Omera Guardian. “Guy’s, leg it!”
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