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Time and place lost its meaning, there where no thoughts, only moves and counter moves, actions and reactions. The sounds of sinews snapping, people screaming, poison fizzling, metall ringing and cries of pain was barley noticed by Nish. There was only him and his destination, everything else was either obstracles to eliminate or objects to ignore. His blades lashed out to incapacitate, not out of cruelty but for simplicity, leaving several to an agonizing death by poison. Several axes strafed him, not afecting his dance and therefore unoticed.

With his destination threatened, Nish moved in to help, not knowing or caring why, she was his goal, and he trusted his conciousness to have a reason. Moving his blades in a circular patern he felt the barbarians sinews snapp, leaving them wrigling on the ground. Adjusting his dance to support her attacks, he brought himself to conciusness long enough to see the hopelessness of the situation before setling back to instinct mode.

With no chance of escape, he trusted his instincts to keep him in one piece. If they didn't, his chance of being stitched together would be far greater if he kept the healer alive.....

Checking out seems not to do much.
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