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Yeah... I need to spend more time with it myself one of these days.

Work was fun yesterday. The new speaker system is now tweaked as close to perfection as it is possible to get.

You know you are hearing a kickass set of transducers when you put in a CD of a track that you have listened to thousands of times, and end up standing there blinking in disbelief because you are hearing details in the music that you have NEVER heard before.


Got home, ate, and went straight to bed.

Might attempt to put a group of people together this weekend to go see Cloverfield. The girl who asked me to see it with her last weekend is sick with the flu or something... and besides, she's already seen it now.
But now I kinda want to see it, and a couple of co-workers also expressed interest... so maybe I'll attempt to arrange a group expedition.

Organizing events like this is hardly my forte... but I guess it's worth a shot.

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