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With the cold feel of his sword once again in his right hand Algren felt the adrenaline rushing to his head. He looked around and saw Kaleah and Nish surrounded by barbarians, they were fighting bravely, but the odds were against them.

He started heading in their direction, but three ill tempered brutes got in the way. One of them started a crazy run towards him, shouting like there was no tomorrow. A tiwsted grin made its way to Algrens face, his sword changed hands, as he waited for the right moment. His right hand moved slowly to his belt, it stopped when his fingers touched the grip of his dagger. Suddenly with a quick movement of his hand, the weapon was drawn from its resting place, and it was cutting the air. Then for a split second there was silence, no more shouts. The barbarian was lying on the ground now, blood rushing out of his neck like an unstoppable stream. The two brutes left looked at their companion, now convulsing on the ground, till the movement stopped. They exchanged a quick look and with a hatred roar they both charged.

Once more the death dance began, Algren new the steps to perfection, but two on one was a disadvantage. His atackers kept attacking relentlessly and he started to feel the effort of keeping them at bay...
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