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Mercenary Crew: Bounty Hunters: Jewels of the Core

Episode 2: Jewels of the Core

With no bounty collected and two crewmembers killed on their last mission, the Scimitar was once again looking for another job. An easier one, and preferably, one that paid well. Ok, well, maybe one that just paid period.

Jyot stood in engineering, eyes closed and listening to the sounds of the engines. He’d been on board long enough that he could just tell by the sounds and the vibrations if anything was amiss. Right now, things were running smoothly. And it was a good place for him to do some thinking.

Ali had remained behind on Bryndar. Even thought she had stated it was because she wanted to stay to salvage the Republic ship, Jyot knew that wasn’t the reason. Ali had never been that greedy for cash. She like adventure, sure, but the money had always been secondary. She had stayed because she didn’t want to continue with the Scimitar. Her relationship with Jyot, the stress of the situations they had faced—it had all been too much for her to bear and still keep up her icy public front.

Jyot had understood. He didn’t make a big deal out of it, or cause an embarrassing scene for her. He just shook her hand politely, smiled, gave her a peck on the forehead, and wished her good luck. Another love lost, but… there were plenty more women out there. The Galaxy was a big place.

Which lead him to think about where they were headed next. They had new crew aboard. They needed a job. They were on the Outer Rim. So, naturally, Alec had decided to visit Space Station A12-76--a pit stop in the middle of the Galaxy, a place to gather info, re-supply, get a drink, check mail, and chat with a contact of the captain’s who went by the name of Zeek. If anyone had a job going around here, Zeek would either know about it or, at the very least, point them in the right direction.

Jyot exhaled meditatively. Now that the job with the Jedi was over and done with, they could go back to hunting more ‘normal’ bounties. He liked that. Normal was good.

((OOC: Ok, so since we’ve got new crew on board, now might be a good time for them to explore the ship and give their opinions of their new ‘jobs’. We should be docking on the Space Station in under an hour.))

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